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New to Studio Cybrid?

Welcome to our studio! We hope you fall in love with indoor cycling like we have.

We do have a few bikes that accommodate tennis shoes, however, to maximize your experience on the bike, we highly recommend renting spin shoes for $2 (this is included with membership!) If you are taking one of our SHRED 45 classes, tennis shoes are perfect. Learn more about our gear. 


If you have never taken an indoor cycling class with us before, you MUST arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the start of your class to allow our front desk staff or one of our instructors ample time to set you up on a bike. Our goal is to maximize your experience. Proper set up and an explanation of the bike is key to enjoying your experience.


If this is your first time taking a spin class at our studio and class has already started, we will not allow you to join. This is for your safety and the safety of our staff, as the spin room is darkened during class. 


In an effort to do our part to reduce plastic use, Studio Cybrid is committed to not selling individual water bottles at our studio. We do, however, have a filtered water bottle station in the studio to fill up your own bottle as needed. 


We also provide towels, lockers, and have a shower/changing area.

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