60 minutes


CycleSHREDcombines Indoor Cycling with Strength Training. Each of our talented and experienced instructors will craft their own 30 minute unique blend of TRX, weight training and circuit training to immediately follow an intensely energizing 30 minute indoor cycling session.

45 minutes

Cycle 45

The heart of our programming. Our state of the art cycling studio utilizes heart rate training to ensure that you’re getting your best possible work out every time. Each instructor brings his or her own unique tastes in music and programming to the podium. Our instructors are all rhythm based (we ride to the beat of the music), but we are not a chain-franchise studio, you won’t find any cookie cutter pre-programmed sets here. In 45 minutes, you will burn calories, build endurance and strengthen your heart, but beyond the physical benefits of indoor cycling, our darkened room encourages you to set aside the anxieties and stress of your day and truly connect with your own inner guidance and intuition. Our Studio Cybrid community maximizes your ability to achieve your independent goals through the support of a team.


Optional weights are used on the bike for one song in some classes - your instructor will let you know when you will be using them.

60 minutes


This class starts in the strength training room and ends in the indoor cycling studio. This is an optimal way to train to burn fat - your body uses the immediately available glycogen (anything you’ve consumed in the last 24 hours) in the muscles, so by the time you need extra energy in the cycling room your body has to start using “reserve” stores of energy - ie. excess weight.

60 minutes


An hour long hybrid class comprised of a half hour of indoor cycling followed immediately by a half hour of barre. This class gets your heart pumping and starts the fat burning process in the spin room, then moves directly into the sculpting room and utilizes the well known and incredibly effective barre workout techniques to sculpt long, lean, beautiful muscles- creating your ultimate physique. The class moves efficiently and quickly- so quickly you won't even realize how hard you're working until you're already finished! Leave with a sense of accomplishment and power that will increase with every class attended.


45 minutes


Our Shred 45 class is a 45 minute high intensity strength training class. Your instructor will blend his or her favorite elements of TRX, circuit training, kettlebells and boot camp style drills to challenge your body and ensure you have some fun at the same time!

60 minutes

The Rock Ride

From Aerosmith and Billy Idol, to Sonny and Cher: The Rock Ride is a 60-minute cycle class featuring rock music from the 60s through the present.


Class features songs you just can't help singing along and rocking out to in your car!

This class is taught on Sundays at 8AM.


45 minutes


CycleZEN is a 60 minute class that combines Indoor Cycling with Yoga. After an intense 30 minute indoor cycling session, your instructor will guide you through a 30 minute power yoga flow. With your muscles already warm from cycling, you’ll be primed to take your yoga practice deeper and help keep your body limber and functional. Integrating yoga into your athletic training is key to increasing flexibility, improving stamina, and preventing injury. On a deeper level, strengthening the mind body connection through yoga helps manage stress, sharpens attention and concentration, and calms and centers the nervous system.

This class is slightly heated. 

Bring your mat if you have one!


45 minutes


Our SHRED 45: BootCamp is a 45 minute, quick moving, high intensity workout designed to burn calories and build endurance. Your instructor will use a combination of body weight and equipment exercises, functional movement drills and calisthenics. You’ll move through various stations in the room at a quick pace, with limited recovery time - ensuring you see results and have fun!

60 minutes

Private Reformer Pilates

Studio Cybrid is happy to offer private and semi-private reformer pilates training.

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